About me

When I look back into the past, I can see a little boy drawing with the stick on the sand. And I believe this is when it all has started – and since then – the adventure has never stopped, only the medium of expression has been changed, these are not only stick and sand anymore.


At the beginning of my artistic path I drew on every possible surface. Growing up, also as an artist brought more difficult forms of art, until I learned about the real possibilities offered by the oil painting.

The beginnings were very difficult, requiring multiple attempts and fixes, but the goal was already set. To bring my technique to a perfection level. I have focused mainly on oil on canvas and oil on panel. My first oil painting, created in 1985, I kept it for myself.
So far the biggest challenge to me was the “Little Battle of Grunwald” – imitation of Jan Matejko’s masterpiece of 1878.

I had many doubts, when working on this project for all these years – but when I have finished I could not feel anything but the pride and great satisfaction.

I am also tempted by the audio – visual art. Together with the group “Jupa” I have co-created a video titled “Memory of Grunwald”. It is dedicated to reconstructive groups commemorating the fame of the Polish army.

I believe that painting, as a technique has not said the last word.
With my commitment to it, I would like to contribute to the Polish culture and art.
My next goal is to paint a series of paintings with gem as ta main motive.